What is INWG?

This is web site is run by the members of INWG and its contributors in researching and supplying information on the increasing problem of wind turbine noise emissions and the effect this noise has on local communities.

This site will be used by members and contributors to individually and collectively advise members and researchers of individual members experiences and research on noise issues. This will also include criticism and assessment of the wind industry’s documentation and actions.

This site will also provide a library of experience, science and examples of the effects of wind farm noise.

INWG is aware the wind industry has ignored the problem of noise from wind turbines and its effects on local communities for many years.

However, as many communities world wide have learned by experience, noise from wind turbines is intrusive and very annoying, especially at night. The industry has been forced to acknowledge there are serious issues to be solved. Also there is a growing awareness of the long term medical affects of exposure to low frequency noise .

INWG is forcing the wind industry to both acknowledge the complexity of turbine noise and to accept their responsibility in the damaging effect of noise to many in these communities.

Statement of use.

It is important to state the INWG has no responsibilty for individual papers, comments, drawings, pictures, charts, videos by individuals within the INWG or its guest authors.

The use of the details and opinions found on this web and blog site should be double checked by the visitor to this site. Information held on this site are only to be used, or referred to  in the full knowledge INWG as an organisation, and its authors and contributors, cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, changes or errors that may be identified later.

All Information from this site is to be considered only on an E&OE basis.